Since the late 1800’s the name Mancini has been synonymous with the quality winemaking. This is not different for the youngest descendant, Giovanni Mancini, whose perseverance and commitment has led to the foundation of Cantina Pedres Winery, located in the heart of Gallura, one of the most sought after wine regions in the world. Here the natural factors of soil and mild climate allow for the cultivation of truly exceptional grapes.
The company, located in Olbia, is on the market since September 2002 with a line of high quality products made from selected grape varietals of Gallura.
The basic principal that drives Cantina Pedres is that the quality of the wine is determined in the vineyard. Sound and careful management of the vineyards and the constant implementation of new grape growing methods are only a small portion of what Cantina Pedres calls the quest for quality.

The vineyards of about 40 ha (100 acres), proprietary to the winery, are located in the municipalities of Monti, Calangianus and Loiri Porto San Paolo, well known for winemaking, at an altitude of 300 m (1000 feet) above sea level. The sunlit soil of granite and sand composition gives low yield of high quality.
The winery is equipped with French oak barrels, stainless steel tanks, and equipment that allows for cutting edge winemaking methods to be employed alongside with the Old World procedures and techniques.  This allows Cantina Pedres to provide the highest quality wines to satisfy any palate, from a novice’s one to the one of a seasoned connoisseur.
Cantina Pedres gladly welcomes visitors to tour its facility and sample through its world-class products.